AT2SM Day 1
StairMaster- 22 minutes
Total Cardio Workout- 84 minutes
Total Workout- 117 minutes
POLAR total calories burned- 1204

When I was at work yesterday I was singing a song that I have been working out to. It is a fine little ditty called ” Beamer, Benz, or Bentley” by Lloyd Banks Featuring Juelz Santana. While singing, an employee came up to me and in a delightful manner said:

“Oh Shit! Don’t tell me that Polo listens to G Unit!”

I of course had no idea what he was talking about, and wondered why he called me Polo since my shirts were clearly purchased at K-Mart.

Yes, I have changed my iPod music for this challenge.

Instead of the normal Rupaul (You Betta Work!), I have spiced it up with a little harder rap than I am used to. It has gotten my heart rate up!

Here are some of my selections:

I’m Back- T.I.
Move B*tchLudacris
Baby By Me (Feat. Ne-Yo)- 50 Cent
Beamer, Benz or Bentley-Lloyd Banks
Disco Inferno- 50 Cent
Drop The World- Lil Wayne and Eminem
Stan- Eminem
I’m Goin In- Drake feat. a lot of rappers I have never heard of

So I have a little contest for the day.

I have a $10 iTunes gift card to give away. What song do you love that is not close to your personality and people think it is funny when you are singing the lyrics to it.

Example 1- I loveBeamer, Benz or Bentley” except I drive a Chevy and I though a G-Unit is what European guys wear on the beach.

Example 2- My boss once sang “Do Me” by Bell, Biv, Devoe. Need I say more?

Whoever has the funniest story will win the gift card (Well, they will win an email with the gift card code). Of course, I will have my wife help me judge.

Contest is any comment today, make us laugh, and good luck!

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