Growing up, there was always a lot of debates….

Who was cooler- Scott Baio or Ricky Schroder
Who was hotter- Punky Brewster or Penny from Inspector Gadget
What was better- Coke or Pepsi
Who was the better rapper- Biggie or Tupac

Well, lately I have been hearing another debate.

Which is the best Greek Yogurt?

Every time I am on Twitter, I see at least 10 tweets about either Chobani or Fage.

So let me clear it up for you. This post is from the heart and no one gave me anything to do it.

First off, lets take Yoplait out of the picture.
They are not a Greek Yogurt making company.
They are famous for making yogurt that has a weird plastic shape that you can not put a spoon in. So no wonder people lose weight when they eat it, they can not get a spoon in it!

Now, let’s talk about Chobani.
First off, it is a very sexy name.
It sounds like a song that T-Pain and Akon would sing about. I can see someone eating saying “Ohhh Yeah, This Chooooobani hit the spot!”
The package is nice. Plus, it is not very expensive. I can get two pounds for five dollars at my local warehouse store (Sams!)
But it is a touch watery for me. Not my cup of tea.

There is also Oikos from Stonyfield*.

*Okay, WONDERFUL name.Good job Stonyfield.

But the product is not bad. Less watery than Chobani. It is priced right as well. I buy it at my local Target.

Now you can debate me all you want, but Fage is the best. No question!

The name is okay but they are very condescending in the fact that Fage tells you how to pronounce the name of the package.

Like I am going to screw it up or something!

When you open the package, there is a piece of paper between the top and the yogurt. I feel that this is what separates them from the rest (Pun Intended, HA!)

Here is the problem, it is way expensive. Beyond expensive. I had to put a second mortgage on my house just to get a couple packages of it. In fact,

Here is the most expensive gift I am getting my wife, the Fage bracelet!
The truth is Chobani, Fage and Oikos are good products.

I do suggest having a Greek Yogurt once in a while.

You can be creative with it as well. Here, I made a dish today with Fage yogurt.
This dish is sponsored by, and you would not believe how easy it is to make!

Check out the recipe and nutritional info by clicking here!

Also full of protein and low fat.

Just like Greek Yogurts!

Which do you like the best!

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