You might have seen my recipes sponsored by

But what is

You know, I was trying to be creative when describing the site. It is a cool meal planning site that lets you create recipes, it gives you nutritional information and it gives you a shopping list for all the food as well.

The tools on the site are free. also can come up with planning your meals as well for only $5 a month.

Yet, I think Dean, owner of says it best….

PapayaHead does not define what “eating well” means to you…we are not the food police. Our easy to use tools help you cut through all the noise by providing accurate, organized information about food and nutrition. We are here to help you make informed decisions on your “eating well” journey…are you ready?

You can sign up and put in recipes to the site for free. You can also view my recipes for free as well.
So I have a fun little contest for you as well, sponsored by The winner will receive a $50 iTunes gift card.
Look at the the picture below.

I weighed all the vegetables and entered the other items in I looked on the back of the pre-packaged food for the calorie amount.

How many calories are in this picture?

The first person to get the exact amount (Or whoever is closest by the end of the contest) will receive a $50 gift card to iTunes (Comment on this blog post). One entry per person, and all entries must be in by Sunday 4/18/2010.

Also, please check out my recipes on my Facebook page or on the side of the blog!

Good Luck!

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