After working an eleven hour day today, I got to the gym.

I had it all planned. I was going to go on the Arc Trainer, then a little StairMaster, and then some back exercises.

I jumped on the Arc Trainer.

I love this machine. I always put it on Level 100 and Incline to 10.

When I started moving, it felt good. Actually, it felt real good!

I was pushing it pretty hard. Usually it is a struggle at first, but for some reason it felt great.

The music was helping a lot. A little 50 cent. Some N.W.A. A little DJ Khalled. Every song that came on motivated me more.

Usually I burn around 1400 calories on the machine.

But because it was going so good, I decided to do something fun. I was going to get it to 2000 calories to post on my Facebook Page.

And that is what I did….
I was sweating up a storm. I pushed real hard to get to that 2000 calories. Something I have never done.
I looked at the time and saw that I was at 81 minutes (Usually the machine will only go to 60 minutes but I learned that if I press start twice after 60 minutes it will keep going).
I have never been on the machine for 81 minutes.
So then I said to myself Hmmm, maybe I should go to 99 minutes?”
And that is what I did….

I have never gone 99 minutes on the Arc Trainer before. All at the highest level. I was pouring with sweat. I burned 2400 calories.

I have always heard that weight loss and fitness is like a marathon. Maybe I am looking at it a different way.

The point of the weight loss marathon is not to win. It is not to be first. It is not to get a metal once you finish.

The point is to run with people just like you and push them to get to the finish line.

I do not tell these stories to brag. People already think I do 5,000,000 push-ups a day. My name is used as a workout verb…

“I am so going to Anti-Jared this workout!”

The point of this is that I truly believe that anyone can get healthy. Anyone can work out. I am living proof.

I hate when people doubt themselves. Okay, so you had a big meal or you gained 2.2 pounds this week. Instead of beating yourself up, do something about it. Do something you never thought you could do!

I am a guy whose writing got rejected by Weight Watchers. My story was denied by Dr. Oz and a local news station. My story was not in Prevention magazine and I was turned down by CNN even though my brother works for SI.

I am also a guy who changed his life. Who took so much negativity and turned it into magical positivity. Who, after working a long day, did a long workout. Not because he had to, but because he wanted to.

Anyone can do this. I was not an athlete. I am a bald middle aged man who wears $10 pants and has the same old pair of New Balance shoes that I have had for over a year.

I will tell you one thing though. You will NEVER tell me I can not do something. Because I will do everything in my power to prove you wrong. Just like you should do every day.

So at the end of my workout, I saw that after the 99 minutes, the timer says 100.

That is the amount of effort I put into life every day!

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