The last couple of days I have not been on the computer.

I had a couple of long days at work. I worked out and hung our with the family. It was nice.

I was going to “Tweet” from the iPhone, but it was a #fitbloggin weekend, so I just watched people write about New Balance shoes and the beauty of Baltimore.

This morning I had a great workout. 75 minutes on the “Arc Trainer”, 25 minutes on the new rowing machine at the gym, and then a little back exercise.

During my workouts is where I get most of my inspiration for blog posts. I never hold back on a post. I just think it, write it, and post it.

Well, today I was going to write about two things:

1. Even though they called me Jared on here, I was honored to be on the list of 100 healthy bloggers (ironic that I am #13?). I am with some great company, and it made me feel great!

2. I was going to write about how nice my weekend was without the computer. How maybe I have told my story enough and that it might be time to hang up my blogging laptop

Weird thing, when I was pulling in my driveway I got this email, just like emails I have gotten through this journey…

I found your YouTube videos last night. And I am in awe of you! What you have done is amazing, congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story. I am 37 years old and I am 420 pounds, so your story his a chord with me immediately. Hearing you talk about all the things you couldn’t do and how you felt – that’s me too. Sometimes I feel like my weight is so far gone I will never look normal again, never be normal, you just don’t see many people who come back from this-without surgery. But then I saw your video, and there you were. You did it, and I can’t tell you how hopeful that makes me. Its Monday morning and I was ready to start another diet attempt today. And, let me tell you, yesterday I wasn’t terribly excited about it. Not very optimistic. My husband works overseas for months at a time, and for 7 years now, every time he leaves I try to loose something so when he comes home he would be surprised and proud. Obviously, I always fail. So he left Saturday, so I was going to try again. But in the back of my head, I was already thinking about how bad I was going to feel at the airport picking him up because I was going to screw it up again.
Then last night – I found you. I don’t feel like that right now. I have hope, I feel optimistic about this journey I am going to start today. Not a diet, I am going to start my new life. I want to be healthy, not make my family wonder if I am going to die from this. So Thank you, for sharing you story.
I will be following you on
Facebook, and going through your blogs for more inspiration. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate that you have shared this with everyone.

Sometimes I think that I repeat myself, but I realized that I do not tell my story enough. As much as I might have inspired this reader, she has no idea how much she has inspired me.

By helping even one person, it is worth it to blog.

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