Dear Dave,

I am a WW member. Have been for over two years.

I have lost over 200 pounds.
Most people want to become a personal trainer or a motivational speaker when they lose weight.
I wanted to work for WW.
I have been rejected twice when I applied to become a leader.
I have been denied when I wanted to write an article for WW magazine about trigger foods.

In a weird way, I thank WW for this.
In my two year journey, I have learned there is no perfect way to lose weight. No perfect program. I have met wonderful people and I keep meeting fantastic people.

Can you believe I met someone who lost 150 pounds on Slim Fast?
One man lost 100 pounds and kept it off for 7 years on Atkins. ATKINS!
I also have a friend who lost 40 pounds on Jenny Craig.
Being “The Anti-Jared” has meant a lot to me. I know I can help people. That includes myself.

I am a WW for life. I pay my $39.99 a month. I go on the website to track and I do believe it the program.
I like counting points, I loved the Core program and I do recommend WW to others.

The reason I am writing you if every so often, I get a email from someone in either your PR department or “Success Story” department asking me if I kept off my weight. When I email back I never get a response. I do not like getting my hopes up.
I am writing this on my blog so the PR department, “Success Story” department and everyone else at WW will know if I kept the weight off. And I control my destiny.


Tony Posnanski

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