Have you ever played a slot machine at a casino?
It is a funny experience, because it always turns out the same.
You go in and sit by a machine.
You look around and there are either mad people or worried people playing. The ones that are happy have already left, which is few and far in between.
You start playing and you win a little money. You get excited. People watch you win so they come up and give you advice:
“Rub the side of the machine three times if you start losing!”
“Bet real high one spin and real low two spins!”
“Once you win, rub the screen in a counter clockwise circle!”

Those people love to tell you how they have won $1000 once. they never tell you how they have lost so much money in the past. They are the “Kings Of The Slot Machine”.
You want everyone to go away. You are winning so there is no need for advice.
Then all of the sudden you start winning big you have no idea why, but you realize that it is easy. You do not stop because there is a huge prize ahead of you, which you will get. You keep betting and you keep winning.
All of the sudden you become an expert. You are the “King Of Slot Machines”. You know everything there is to know about winning. You are thinking about writing a book about winning money.

You wonder why so many people lose. You wonder how so many people lose their life savings at the casino. You are winning!

Then, you lose a couple of spins.
Then a couple of more.

You are still up, but not as much. You get upset, so you start betting more.

You get nervous. You start listening to the advice. You rub the machine. You bet high and low. You rub the screen.

And in an instant, you are out of money.

In fact, you went to the ATM machine a few times after to try to win back what you had, but you have nothing.

Then you walk out, broke and shamed.

There is a reason why Vegas, Atlantic City, and Niagara Falls have fantastic hotels and magnificent casinos.

Because you payed for them.

In a way, that is how I look at weight loss gurus. People who lost a lot of weight becoming experts.
So many people write books or have ten week plans on losing weight. Instead of just giving advice,the tell you it is so easy to lose weight if they did it, so can you!

I guess sometimes I wonder if there is really such a thing as a guru.

Sure, we all know “Eat less, move more, more protein, no late night snacking.” It is on every diet plan out there.
We all know about working out. We see infomercials. We hear about the gym.

Well….what about the day that you eat a bag of dried cherries full of sugar but make yourself believe it was fruit.
What about the day you eat 3 McRib sandwiches and a Cadbury egg because you think it will never come back.
What about the Memorial Day where the girl of your dreams looks at you weird when everyone is eating burgers and you are eating a stick of asparagus.
What about the Thanksgiving where so many people tell you “it is only one day” and you believe it until December 30th when you have had a month of lovely eating.
What about the Chuck E. Cheese party where you tell yourself you are only going to have a slice, but you end up eating two pizzas.
What about the “Girls night out” where you have had too much to drink, and at 2am you go to Denny’s and have that “I do not care about the rest of the week, I will eat what I want” mentality.
What about the Girl Scout cookies in your house at 11:45am and you eat them, yet it is not your fault because they should not have been there in the first place.
What about the day you skipped going to the gym.
What about the week you skipped going to the gym.
What about the month you skipped going to the gym.
What about tomorrow?

Where is the guru now?

I will do this for the rest of my life. I have a son and a wife. I have people who care about me and root me on.
It will not be easy. So many people might say it is, but I am not going to be one of them, which is weird coming from someone who have lost over 200 pounds and have kept it off for over a year. From someone who started on the treadmill for 48 seconds, and now goes for two hours at a time at the gym.

For those who think this is a breeze, I applaud you.

I struggle like everyone else.
But I know there is only one option FOR ME (Not for you, but for me.)
It is the way I decided to live my life, and I am happy with it.
There are options for you as well. But I can only give advice. Everyone can only give advice. No one can keep your weight off for the rest of your life except for you.

In fact, there is a weight loss guru. You.

Do not get me wrong, there is hope. There are plans that work. There are great workouts and inspirations out there.

But that is what you need to find for yourself.

So I am no longer “The King Of Slot Machines”.

I quit gambling a couple years ago.

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