So I got a email from a company called Papayahead this morning.

Now usually when I get an email it goes like this:

Hi Jared. I love your blog called

Congratulations on your success. I know for a woman it is hard to lose weight, so great job! It must be nice to be back in those jeans! Anyway I have a website based out of Greece that I would love to put on your blog. I am willing to pay top money for this!

This email was different:


I like your recipes on your Facebook page. I have a site that gives nutritional info. Put in one of your recipes and see how easy it is. I am interested in sponsoring your recipes. Will you put up more recipes if I provide the nutrirional information.

I thought about it.

Someone would sponsor my recipes?

It sounded good.

When I spoke to the owner I told him I did not want to put link pictures on my blog.

He said that was cool.

He just wanted me to put up recipes. Maybe get some ideas from other readers.

He was very genuine and nice.

Most people are not. He has read my blog for a while and kind of knew what to say to me.

So today I asked the question if you wanted the info for my recipes.

I was not sure that people even liked my recipes.

Enough people told me they would like the recipes and info, so I decided to do it.

Now my recipes are officially sponsored by

All of the recipes will have the nutritional information provided by their site. It was pretty easy to put in and it is free to sign up*.

*I think if you want Papayahead to design a weekly meal package it is like $7 bucks a month, but the tools are free on the site.

So every month I will put a few extra recipes. I will ask for your opinion and suggestions as well (Yes Tricia, I have the ground turkey one coming soon!). My wife said “I want Mussels” so that recipe is coming next week!

So check out my fanpage for my first recipe (Sweet Bean Tilapia) and tell me what you think. (Yeah, this will be better than a Snuggie)

Many more recipes to come.

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