Skipping a workout will not make me “out of shape”.
Eating an order of french fries will not make my pants tight.
Eating an apple will not make me healthy.
Eating a chicken breast will not make me protein packed.
Writing a 100 character phrase on Facebook will not inspire people.

Do I believe all of this?

Nope, I believe that small choices make all the difference!

Small choices every day helped me lose and gain weight.

There is no such thing as a small choice for me. Every choice leads to another one, and another one. What is acceptable today will be acceptable tomorrow and the next day.

The “No Big Deal” attitude does not work for me. It snowballs. It has for so many years.

Sometimes I make decisions that are not popular. Sometimes I work out when I should have done the dishes. Sometimes I would rather cook than go out to eat.

But I always say the dishes will be there later and the restaurant is not closing. I make decisions every day. I not only make them for my health, but for the future of my family.

See, I do not have a fear of gaining weight. I do not have a fear of going on the blog one day and saying “Well, I have gained weight. Look at me now!”

No, my fear is getting lost in weightsville. Confused as to what do do about weight loss. Looking for anything to help me lose weight. Scared, worried that I will never look as good as a picture.

My blog is funny. Most blogs have people talking about how nervous they are and then they get five comments with people telling them “Don’t worry, it will be okay.”

My blog is one where I write about how confident I am and I get five comments that say “Wow, you are full of yourself.”

Well, I am an inspiration. I am not saying that because you have told me that. It is because I have inspired myself. To be the best I can be. To take the “fat and lazy” label and turned it into a “cauliflower power” label in two years. To do something that I did not believe I could do.

So many people ask me how I did it?

It was all the small decisions I made.

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