Do you have any regrets?

Today while working out I was watching the Zumba infomercial.

I saw all of those people dancing real well. Not only were they burning calories, but they were really “getting down” (I think that is what the kids are saying these days).

I regret not ever taking any dance lessons. I regret not being able to dance well.

I wish I could dance.

I wish just once I would have gone to a Weight Watchers meeting where I would hear Timberland playing over the speakers and I would have started to dance.
I would get on a chair and start to break it down. All of the three time members would have thrown Smart Ones coupons at me because of my talent.

I wish I was the guy at clubs doing back flips. Everyone would have looked in amazement.

Alas, I can not dance.

So to answer your question Anne….I have no regrets.

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