So I asked a question yesterday, and my wife looked at me and said “That was lame! It is a huge accomplishment to finish a race, who cares about winning!”

Many times I write something that was not perceived correctly. It is my fault, I do it to myself.

I have absolutely no desire to ever run in a 5K. I will never train for one. I would rather do other cardio exercises that run. Of course, that is me. I wish I did enjoy running.

I do think that it is a huge accomplishment to finish a 5K. I think that it is great, in fact, beyond great! I do not think people should care about their time, just be happy to finish a race.

Here was my point. So many comments were telling me their 5K times of 32 minutes when the winner of the race has a 16 minute pace.

So many people told me they were not competitive, although they strive for perfection every day.

Not only do I read weight loss blogs, but fitness blogs as well. People who run 10 miles a day, people who are triathletes. People who are fitness gurus. Yet I have never seen one write they were going to win a 5K race.

The whole point of me writing that was in my own weird way, I believe in unrealistic goals. I believe that anything is possible no matter how out there it is.

And maybe so should you.

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