Has anyone noticed a change in The Anti-Jared?

Has anyone noticed that I am actually trying to give advice.

That I am putting up recipes and answering questions?

Not one person has questioned me about this, which is weird.

Not my friends, not my enemies, nor the anonymous!

Well, I want to explain.

It all started when my brother wrote this on his blog. He wrote about running back Larry Johnson and, although talented, he was just an angry guy.

That is the way I felt. A guy with a lot to offer who was just angry.

It struck a nerve with me. I write about how silly certain things are in the weight loss community, yet I do not give any advice, just pictures and vague “Eats fruits and vegetables” comments.

What good is that?

I have lost a lot of weight, yet I do not talk about the hows an whys.

I work out, yet just talk about the first 48 seconds I was on the treadmill.

I felt like a blogger lost in a world I loved. I was not giving my all.

The whole reason I call myself “The Anti-Jared” is not because I do not like Jared Fogle. I do it because I want people to know (including myself) that there is no one perfect way to lose weight.

That is something I have been horrible at conveying.

I had so much to give, but put myself in this “angry hoodie” category.

It was not fair to anyone.

I would talk about how I thought the P90X was silly, yet never tell you why I thought that.

I never told you it was silly because the videos ($120 it cost me) are one big commercial for Tony Horton products. It would be cheaper to go to Target, buy resistant bands and 5 pound dumbbells, and go on YouTube and look up “Resistant Workouts At Home”. it will save you $100 dollars.

I would talk about how I love cauliflower, yet never go into detail about the importance of fiber. How it makes you feel full, and so many people do not get 35 “natural” grams of fiber a day.

As angry as I got, I would see so many nice people come out who would call themselves “weight loss experts” or “weight loss gurus”* give out advice that never worked for me.

*I can not say this enough. I have lost a lot of weight, yet the most condescending thing anyone can do is call themselves a “weight loss expert”. With so many people struggling, you are the expert? You know what it is like to struggle? Give me a break!

The nice “experts” would give advice that I did not agree with.

“Eat out of smaller plates”

– Instead of eating out of a smaller plate, make a 2/3 rule where you will put vegetables on 2/3 of the plate and put what you want on 1/3 so you do not look like a child in front of your family and friends, yet still make a conscious effort.

“If you are hungry, walk away from the refrigerator.”

-How about brushing your teeth when you are hungry. No one likes to eat right after they brush their teeth. Well, except if you like York Peppermint Patties.

“Box up 1/2 of your food immediately from the restaurant.”

-How about splitting an entree with a family member? Or throwing out half right away? Or giving the other half to your server since he/she might not have eaten? Better yet, take half, go to the manager, and tell them to give it to the dishwasher, the hardest job in the restaurant where the barely have time to eat.

Not everyone of my ideas is going to be great. But I have to have the confidence to put it out there. It might not help all, but maybe a couple.

Last week I got an email that asked this question:

“What fish would you recommend that is not very fishy?”

That is not a dumb question. My wife hates fishy fish yet understands the health benefits of fish.

So I would recommend Tilapia and Seabass.

Although I might eat a little different than you does not mean I can not help. That is what I needed to realize. I have done this for over twenty years. I have done the Detox diet, Atkins, Ripped Fuel and Stacker 2. I have written three letters to Richard Simmons as a kid and I got a “woo hoo” from Hungry Girl.

Just because I am a member of Weight Watchers does not mean I do not have the utmost respect for Jenny Craig, Nutrasystems, Sparkpeople, South Beach and Zone. The truth is, my “eating” is similar to every one of those.

I can help. Maybe you saw that in me, but I did not.

So I can be just as nice as the “weight loss experts”.

But I am no expert. Just a fat kid who does not want to be fat anymore.

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