This is my friend Merrill. I met her a couple of years ago. We were both a fan of Weight Watchers on Facebook. At the time, there were not many fans, so it was easy to get to know people on there. Merrill was into her journey a little and I was just starting. We were both pretty successful.

She lost weight a little quicker than me. The picture above she lost 67 pounds. in the same amount of time, I lost 60. We would root each other on. When you have so much weight to lose, it is really nice to know that someone is doing the same journey.
When I really got involved with my blog, so did Merrill. Actually, Merrill had one entry and stopped blogging. Blogging was not for her, which is weird because she always inspired me.She also had a MySpacepage which is gone now. She inspired me with her words and her actions. In the picture above, Merrill lost 153 pounds. At the time, I lost 180. I was so amazed! She looked so different. I would always compliment her, yet before I could finish she would compliment me.

When Dr. Oz’s producer called me, she asked if I knew anyone else who lost over 100 pounds. Right away I said Merrill.
I said if anyone can inspire weight loss, it is Merrill. Merrill eats popsicles, egg beaters and small snacks. She loves the Biggest Loser and talks about the 24 Hour Fitness she goes to all the time.
Yet, she puts so much effort into her health. It is a top priority, and it shows!
When she was on the show, I cried. I cried when I saw her just like when I see anyone win in the weight loss journey. Proud was not even the word. In fact, for the first time, an annoying blogger was speechless.

Merrill is my weight loss inspiration. She lost 195 pounds without surgery or pills. She never went on a ranch to lose weight, she never blogged about it and she never wanted attention. She wanted to be healthy. For her husband and family. For her friends and fans.
She is humble. She is an inspiration.
So when you are thinking about surgery, or think there is no hope. When you think that one meal will ruin you or skipping a gym workout is the end of the world…..
Just know a few people out there will tell you there is hope.

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