Help me with late night eating!
Love your blog,

Late night snacking is tough for all dieters out there.

The funny thing is that late night eating is never anything truly delicious.

No one ever eats Baked Alaska or Chocolate Covered Strawberries at 2 in the morning.

No, it is always a “half a jar” of JIF or a box of graham cracker crumbs.

It is always an odd food, yet it sounds great at the time.

I always hear advice about how to avoid eating so late.

Like putting a picture of yourself on the pantry or filling your fridge with carrots.

Well, here is my advice.

Around 1am when you get real hungry, spend about 15 minutes dressing up.

I mean really dressing up!

Put your your nicest outfit. Maybe it is a skirt and heels, maybe it is a nice running outfit, or maybe it is a golden hoodie.

Make sure it is an outfit that you feel great it. One that makes you look like a rock star!

Once you are dressed up, go into the kitchen and find the late night food of choice.

Once you find the food, sing Lady Antebellum’s Need you Now to your late night snack.

Get into the song, really feel the lyrics. Tell the late night food how much it means to you…

“Listen Nutella…It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone and I need you now!”

How you have been thinking about this moment all day. How you would only want to be with the jar of frosting at 1am.

If the food talks back, eat it.

If the food says nothing, it was never meant to be. Skip the feeding and go back to bed.

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