My friend Amy gave me a blogging award.

Well, instead of writing six lies and one truth, I thought instead I would write down some true statements about blogging and myself.

1. I bought a lot of blogging books!

When I first started to blog, I had no idea how to do it. I did not know that people would comment or there was a weight loss community. I just thought it was like a personal diary.
I got my first comment from Carlos (from the former and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I wanted to become a better blogger.
So I bought books. in fact, I was such a dummy I bought the “Dummies” book twice.

2. I used to comment all the time!

The books all said to comment on as many blogs as possible to get more people to read your own. So that is what I did. The problem was that my comments were the same:

“Ha, I loved your post. Did you know I lost over 180 pounds! Check it out on my blog at!”

I got a lot more readers that way. Then one day I got an email from someone who was offended that I wrote the generic comment and told me not to use their blog to get more readers. i felt bad and stopped commenting.
Since then I have been very hesitant to write comments. If I do, they are either funny/snarky or “great job!” I never write about myself in a comment anymore. yet, I do see how a comment can make someone feel.

3. Shocked who reads me!

Over a year ago was the first time I got a comment from Mizfit. It was amazing to me. I remember telling my wife:

Mizfit commented on my blog!”
Mizfit! She has a .com blog like Pamela!”
“Oh, that is cool.”

Well, for a weight loss blogger it was cool. I would have never guessed she read my blog.
Then last year Pastaqueen put me on her blogroll. I was shocked. I emailed her a couple of times, but never thought she would put me on her blogroll. It made me feel great!
Also I got re-tweeted by Roni. I did not know she knew who I was.
Then this year Dietgirl wrote a comment on my blog. Believe it or not, I have never talked to her in over two years although I read her blog all the time.
I do not realize that people read my blog. When I write, I write like only my family is reading. it is cool to know other people notice me out there.

4. Behind the scenes!

I like to be known as someone who is tough, but it is not who I am. I try to help people, but I do it via email or private Facebook chat. I do not like blogging about it or commenting about it. I do not want credit or praise for nice things, rather see people succeed. I do feel this is a team effort, and we all win together.

5. Facebook Fanpage

I talk about it all the time. Here is why:

I love it. It is what my blog should have been before. I love giving advice and interacting with people. I love putting up recipes. I love interacting. I also think I am good at it.
I am not good at Twitter, but I can do Facebook!
I am putting the Snuggie one on the back burner, but I do like the questions I get asked on The Anti-Jared page. I hope I get more questions!

That is all I have for now. I will do a part two soon!

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