I think since I have been putting up recipes (Sponsored by Papayahead.com, which is the easiest website to put your recipes in and they have an awesome recipe/meal plan) I think I should give you a little background about my cooking.

I started working in restaurants over 10 years ago. I was a Sous Chef for the meanest human being alive.

He was nasty and rude. Everything I did was wrong. Everything I made tasted like crap. I could not motivate the staff. He told me one time, and I quote “you see these floors, I would put you in charge of keeping them clean but i am sure you would f*** that up!”

I worked with that gem for a couple of years. I learned nothing about food with him, just that I sucked.

Actually, I did learn the financial aspect of a kitchen. How important costs were. How rice and pasta were low food cost items that complimented a high margin item like a Ribeye.

I then moved on to become a chef. I ran very good numbers and learned a lot about food.

My boss, the District Culinary Supervisor was not nice. He came in and told me my food standards were low. That I could not cook.

Yet, he ate everything I made. I asked him one day:

“If I am such a bad cook, why do you eat everything I make?”

Quickly he said:

“The same reason you work here, I have low standards!

He was wrong, he did not have low standards. I could cook, but chefs are pretty egotistical, so they do what they can to put people down!

I worked with him for six years. I did learn about food pairings, but learned more about running a successful kitchen.

After that I moved up to Managing Partner. I was already officially a chef, but now in charge of my restaurant.

While in charge of the restaurant, we had a new corporate chef, who was in charge of over 100 units.

Again, he told me I sucked as a chef.

Why I am I telling you all of this:

1. Chefs suck
2. Sometimes people put you down but it is your responsibility to bring yourself up. Do not let anyone treat you like crap!

The truth is I know a lot about food. But I also know that cooking is intimidating for so many people.

When I put my recipes up on my Facebook page, I do it so you will think about two things:

1. I can cook that!
2. This guy is really a chef? I can do that!

Yup! I put up the recipes so you can alter them. I try to give ideas as well.

I use basic ingredients. I either cook on the stove or in it (I am limited with hanging out with my son).

I do it so you can say “Damn, I can do better than that!”

Cooking is like weight loss. So many people try to tell me I lost weight wrong. That I am not a trained professional, so how dare I give advice.

Well, after two years on this journey I think it is okay for me to give advice. You can take it or leave it. But I do feel it helps more than keeping my mouth shut.

Same with cooking. For so many years I have been told I could not cook. Cooking is easy. people make it out to be so hard because they want to make Chipolte glazed balls in a doodoo brown demi glaze topped of with a peach orzo in a thyme flavored jockstrap”.

Not me. Less than ten ingredients Less than ten minutes. And I buy all ingredients at Super Wal-Mart.

For those who say they can not cook, you are wrong.

Anyone can!

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