Dear Hot Sorority Girl,

I always see you looking at me. Well, I am looking at you as well. I have some questions I want to ask. I am not sure why I have not asked you before, but I think it is time!

How did you know? For so many years I have told you that tomorrow was my day. I told you that I was going to be healthy a million times. Why did you keep on believing in me when I did not even believe in myself? You see the emails I get, how did you see the inspiration at 400 pounds? How did you know that I would finally lose all the weight?

How did you know that my blog would be popular? When you first read it, you told me people would either love it or hate it. You also told me it did not matter, because people would read it. I never saw that but you did.

How did you know I would love going to the gym? I have never been active. I could barely walk when we went to Disney World. How could you have seen a guy who loves working out?

You know Hot Sorority Girl, I have a very good memory. I remember a long time ago in Buffalo when I applied for a job. I remember not asking for as much money as I deserved and you said “You always sell yourself short! You have no idea how talented you really are!”

I remember things like that. At first I just thought it was something wives had to tell their husbands, but that is not true. You truly have always believed in me, believed in me when others did not, including myself.

I am so thankful that people believe in me now. That I inspire, or even make someone laugh for a minute. I am thankful that I believe in myself.

I still have no idea how you saw such a strong person in me.

So every day I strive to be a better man. As a husband, as a blogger, as a weight loss guy, and as a friend.

You should always remember one thing, Hot Sorority Girl.

You made me better.


The Anti-Jared

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