Do you always wear a hoodie when you exercise?
This is a great question!
Let’s talk about hoodies!
I love hoodies. I always have.
When I was over 400 pounds, the only clothes that fit me well were “workout” clothes. Shorts with an elastic band and a sweatshirt.
I never worked out then, but always dressed like I did. Kind of ironic.
I would wear a sweatshirt then because I sweat all the time. When I would wear a short sleeve shirt, I would gross people out because I was wet. I would get a reputation of smelling bad although I would wear a ton of deodorant.
I hated making people feel uncomfortable around me, so I would wear a sweatshirt.
I always looked odd in Florida because it would be 100 degrees, yet I wore a hoodie. It hid the sweat. it made me feel comfortable when so many other things in my life did not.
Because of that, I grew fond of the hoodie.
Soft, comfortable, and I could cover my head.
Now,I wear one every time I work out.
I also wear it everywhere outside of work (At work I have a beautiful Perry Ellis red polo, which cost me an astounding six bucks!)
In fact, my wife has to tell me if an outing is a hoodie excepted event.
“We are going out to dinner with my parents. Please, no hoodie!”
“We are going to the movies. You can wear a hoodie!”
I have over 50 hoodies.
I never spend more than $10 on any of them. I am proud of my cheapness in hoodie shopping.
When I wear it, it reminds me of being overweight.
I talk about it a lot on here because I do not want to forget.
I do not want to forget the pain.
I do not want to forget the discomfort.
So many people who are successful with weight loss are embarrassed of their before pictures.
They want to forget. They want people to just focus on the “new person”. They can not believe how heavy or unhealthy they were.
I am the complete opposite.
I love my old pictures.
I love the person I was.
I also know I can not go back to that.
The hoodie reminds me of it. I can not forget where I came from. I can not get cocky and tell you how easy this journey was. I can not tell you it was a breeze.
So many people support me now, but it was not always like that. So many people doubted me early in my journey.
“You will gain the weight back.”
“You can not eat that way for the rest of your life!”
“Big talker now. Let me know where you are a year from now.”
Maybe you just started your journey or have lost a lot of weight.
Maybe someone came up to you and said “You need to lose more”.
That is crushing.
So crushing that you want to prove those people wrong.
That is what I did. I lost weight, worked out, and defeated odds.
But I can not turn back. Although I know how far I have come, I realize that I am three cocky comments and a “This is easy” from gaining back the weight.
But I am confident.
Confident that I am going to make the right decision every day. Confident that my son will have
a healthy father and my wife will have a healthy husband.
So I wear the hoodie. It is a part of me. The pictures in the tank top is literally three minutes at the gym once a week.
And the hoodie reminds me of how far I have come, and where I want to go.
I would rather wear it than an Under Armour shirt any day.

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