Over the last twenty years, dieting has been through numerous stages….

There was the Richard Simmons era*. Where Deal-A-Meal was going to save your life. Where he cried every day on Sally Jesse Raphael.

*You know, I wrote him three times when I was a kid and never got a response. I loved how he had overweight people in his workout videos. Made me feel like I could do it!

There was the Susan Powter “Stop The Insanity” era where carbs reigned supreme!

There was the Snackwell era (A yummy time!)

Where no one could believe that those sugar filled no-fat cookies could be “so healthy”.

There was the Atkins Era*

*I loved the Atkins Era. Whenever I think about Atkins, I think of cheddar cheese, ranch dressing and bacon!

Actually, two things come to mind about the Atkins Era…

1. I loved how Burger king had an Atkins menu. They sat down in a board room, brainstormed and said “You know, if we take the bun off of our burgers, we have a nutritious Atkins menu.”
2. I have lost a lot of weight on Atkins. Here is the problem, once you smell pasta, pizza or any carb, you gain back the weight plus 10.

Well, now we are in the fiber era.

I like the fiber era.

I truly believe that if I did not learn about the importance of fiber I would not have lost the weight I did.

I joke about apples and cauliflower, but you can get fiber from other foods like popcorn (I like air popped), raspberries, oatmeal, asparagus, pears, beans, and almonds.

Yet, it seems like every food company is trying to put fiber in their products.

Crystal Light has a drink with fiber.
Pop Tarts have fiber.
Splenda has fiber.
Even Fiber One has a yogurt with fiber.

I see the benefit of it. It can be hard for someone on the go to get 35 grams of fiber a day. It is easy to just have it incorporated in their everyday meal.

Yet, I think it takes away from fruits and vegetables.

So I am asking your opinion. Watch this commercial and tell me what do you think?

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