I want to start reviewing products that would be helpful to people in their journey.

I have used a lot of cool products over the last two years. Some I use today and some were a “one day wonder”.

This is hard for me though. Whenever I think of reviews, I look at people reviewing those NURU exercise cards or POM.

Nothing wrong with POM, just that I have gotten over 50 emails from them.

I think of someone putting a link for some Windows product for nothing. I think of the newest product called Cheribundi (Which means a lot of cherries), which I think was Al’s wife on Married With Children.

I think about the supply of popsicles I could have gotten or how I could have been a “featured blogger” on one of 50 sites that are no longer around.

Because of all of this I have never wanted to review or promote. I always thought is was so phony.

“Wow, I got a email from a company. Free Stuff, I love it!”

But their are some great products out there.

So I am writing this because I have sent a few emails to companies I believe in to talk about their product. I want to tell people what I use every day, and maybe help others. Not really for free stuff, but more for permission.

So get ready, AntiJared 2.0 is coming. Sleeker, faster, and improving every day.

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