You know, this is a weird statement, but I rarely blog about myself.

I thought about it today.

Someone asked why people follow my blog.

The answer is I never write about myself.

I write about you.

When I write about how I could not wipe myself at 420 pounds, I am really talking about the time your Dad rolled his eyes when the shirt was too tight on you.

When I write about the pain I saw in my wife’s eyes, I am really talking about the tears you had in your eyes when your husband said you were “a little heavy”.

When I write about the joy of holding my son , I am really writing about how you were able to run with your son at his first little league game.

That is why this blog is special.

It is about you.

My journey is about you.

We are the same. Whether I lost 200 pounds or not, we think the same.

We are both unsure of ourselves. Although confident at times, we have our insecure moments.

We both say tomorrow is another day and we both know our “just a little” is a lot.

We both get scared when we hear the words “Restaurant Booth” and we both are dreaming of the next book or electronic device that will help us lose and keep weight off.

We are the same.

We both wonder why we did not get the promotion or why dieting is so hard.

We both pray that we will be stronger and we both celebrate small victories.

I write what you are feeling, because it is what I am feeling.

People used to say to me “You know, we are a lot alike…” and I used to get mad.

“How do you know. You do not even know me.”

I was wrong. You did know me. Just like I know you.

This is the post I should have written earlier today because this is how I feel.

I am doing a Fanpage to get more fans than Jillian Michaels.

It is silly, yet it is not.

The prize is a Snuggie purchased by my wife.

Two years ago, I was a Snuggie. Laughed at, a big joke.

Now I am not.

More than that, the odds are against me. 248,942 vs. 145.

But there is something I do have. When people see me, they see themselves.

Not someone who will say weight loss is easy, not someone who has the secrets, and not someone who confuses anger for passion.

Yet, I believe with the help from people who I write about in this blog, I think I will do it.

Actually, with your help, I know I will!

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