So I want your opinion on a couple of things.

1. I got a really cool offer from a website that I love. It would be to devise a 8 week “Biggest Loser” type contest with a really nice prize at the end. The website is one that I use, and the contest would be interactive. In fact, I would do it as well and break my rule of going on the scale because I like it so much.
Now, here is my question, would you do it? Just log your results every week? I know I make fun of challenges, but this one seems cool.

2. You have seen that I am doing some recipes on The owner of the website is a super nice guy and I think he has a cool concept in meal planning.
Would you like me to design your meals for the week? I put up a recipe here and there, but how would you feel about more recipes?

See, a couple of questions. I do feel that my blog is your blog as well.

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