You know, I never knew what a real pomegranate was.


Now, I knew what POM juice was. I would see that all the time. I knew it was “healthy” and full of anti-oxidants and stuff.

I knew that Crystal Light had a flavor with pomegranate in it. In fact, most hip diet drinks do as well. I knew that every time I drank one I felt healthier.

Yet, I have never seen a pomegranate.

So about a year ago, my wife bought one:

“Hey, I got a pomegranate!”

“Oh, that POM juice stuff? I do not drink juice anymore.”

“No, a real pomegranate.”

I remember both of us looking at it like it was a foreign object.

“What are we suppose to do with it?”

“Well Tony, you are the chef*!”

* When there was anything about food, I was supposed to know. When my wife would see a cooking show and say “Tony, what do you use hdiufbskf in, I saw it on Rachel Ray?” I was supposed to magically figure it out because I sweat in a kitchen 65 hours a week.

“I have no earthly idea what to do with it!”

That pomegranate was thrown out because it was rotten.

I had no earthly idea how to cut or eat it. I let me pride get in the way. I did not want to ask anyone how to cut it. I did not want to ask anyone how to eat it.

I am a chef, a very good one at that. I can run great numbers in a kitchen, I can motivate and lead a team, and I can pass health inspections. I can design great dishes, yet I had no idea what to do with a pomegranate.

I am writing this today because I would bet that many of you are like me.

Well, maybe you know what a pomegranate is and how to cut it, but how about a mango?

How about a kiwi?

Do you know the proper way to cut a coconut or how to cook a butternut squash?

Fruits and vegetables can be intimidating.

A frozen dinner is easy. Going to eat a meal at Applebee’s is a breeze. popping a 100 calorie snack is cake!

But cutting a fruit?

So I finally did something a couple of months back that I should have.

I Googled “How to Cut a Pomegranate”.

Just like I googled how to roast edamame and how to perfectly cut a mango.

So I implore you to really get out of your comfort zone with food. Really walk through the produce isle, find something that you have no idea how to prepare, and try it.

If I did not, I would never had has these delicious pomegranate seeds!

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