So here is how my story goes…..

A couple of weeks ago I got a message on Facebook.

It was from someone I have never heard of with the title “DR OZ. SHOW!!”

Now, I am not a fan of the all-caps messages on Facebook. I always think it is some sort of virus.

Yet, I opened it.

They got my name from a blogger to be on an upcoming show where they were showcasing 100 people who lost over 100 pounds*

*I do not want to say who the blogger was, but lets just say she is totally my inspiration and friend and I think she is awesome and I love her blog and she is the coolest person ever and her name rhymes with Jen.

I spoke to the producer and for about 15 minutes. I told her my story.

If you are not familiar with my story, please look at the previous 500 posts I have.

She got excited and thanked me. That excited me as well.

She told me they had a lot of people they were considering for this show. Some would be in the audience and some on stage. She liked my story.

She asked me if I knew of any other people who lost over 100 pounds.

DO I!!!!!

I racked my brain and gave her a list of over 25 people.

There were my 200 pound loser friends Sean, Tony and Merrill*

*Merrill does not blog but If you watch the show, remember the name Merrill, she is my inspiration!

There was my friend Sarah who lost and maintained around 180 pounds for years.

There was even people who think I do not read their blogs like Tyler and Diane who have lost over 100 pounds (Diane I think kept off over 150 pounds for some time and Tyler lost over 120 pounds by eating smaller versions of food, which is great!) .

There were so many more. I even mentioned Jack Sh*t because his humor means so much to me and others.

I sent her an email and gave a blurb of each person. She was very thankful.

A couple weeks went by and I did not hear from the Dr. Oz show.

I was not sure if they were still using me or not.

So I sent a quick email to ask.

If they wanted to send me to NYC then awesome! If not, then no biggie.

They were still considering me! That made me feel good!

So late last week I got a few emails from my weight loss friends telling me they made the show.

I was so excited for them. They told me they were excited to meet me.

Ummmm, I still did not hear from the show.

So I sent one more email to the Dr. Oz show and they respectfully told me that they would not be using me at this time.

At first I did not want to write this because I really did not want comments like “They made a mistake not choosing you.” or “I can not believe it! Why!”

Those comments just downplay the awesome people that did make the show.

I am writing this because I am a very humble person.

I love to inspire, yet understand that there are more inspiring stories out there.
I struggled, yet there are people who struggled more.

My story is not better than yours. When people write me and tell me ” I love your story, but I only lost……” I stop reading. I do not want anyone to put their story down.

Everyone has a Dr. Oz story.
Everyone has inspiration in them.
Whether it is their actions or words, everyone is special.

So instead of saying “I did not make it on the Dr. Oz show, boo-hoo.” I am proud to say that I know many people who are going to be on the show. I am proud that I have so many inspirational friends and I will be there with you one day, hoodie and all!

Plus, I was hoping to be on Maury Povich because I married my wife’s sisters mother’s oldest daughter.

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