The Email I got:

Hi, Jared,

The Popsicle team has noticed your amazing achievements in leading a “better-for-you” lifestyle, and we’ve seen you share your valuable advice with others on your Anti-Jared blog and Twitter profile. Losing more than 200 pounds is a huge success! Congratulations! While committing to healthier lifestyles by lacing up the running shoes and eating more fruits and veggies are no-brainers, it can be a challenge to maintain success while also eating the foods you love.

Did you know that Popsicle and Fudgsicle have a variety of better-for-you dessert and snacking options? Including:
Sugar Free Popsicle Tropicals ice pops –
Low Fat Fudgsicle Triple Chocolate pops –

There’s even an option for the Klondike lover!
Klondike 100 Calorie Vanilla & Chocolate sandwiches

It’s important to have “go-to” snacks and desserts that will satisfy cravings for sweets while allowing you to stay on track. That said, we’d like to offer you your choice of the better-for-you Popsicle, Fudgsicle or Klondike 100 Calorie treats listed above. All we ask in return is that you consider sharing your honest thoughts about these treats on your blog so readers can follow how they fit into your healthy lifestyle.

Please let me know if you’re interested in receiving product. I look forward to hearing back from you.


My Reply:


First and foremost thank you for the offer. But I do not think you understand what you are getting yourself into.

Growing up I was an overeater. I still am to this day. I lost over 200 pounds by changing my diet to fruits, vegetables and lean meats. It is not a lifestyle for everyone but it was one that I decided on.
Growing up I used to eat popsicles. A lot of them. Every item you are offering me I have had. There is nothing wrong with those items. In fact, I would recommend a 10-15calorie popsicle over a cookie any day. It takes longer to eat, has fruity flavors, and a fun stick!
But I would not eat just one. No, I would eat a box. It would not matter to me, a box of sugar free popsicles was under 300 calories.
I am also happy to see that you have lower calorie Klondikes. When I grew up, my mom and I would go to Sam’s Warehouse and buy them by the bulk. I would eat close to 8 a day. Even with the 100 calorie version I would consume 800 calories in a sitting.

By doing my math, you are offering me close to $1100 to do a review. I can eat a package of Klondike bars in a day. Maybe two!

I know I can polish off a few boxes of those sugar free popsicles.

A year supply. You do know I ate close to $30 a day at Taco Bell.

The truth is I have to practice what I preach. I am going to put this email along with yours on my blog not as a review, but maybe an option for others. There is nothing wrong with your product, but it is not for me.

I am done with processed foods.

I do not want you to send me anything. Thank you though!

By the way, my name is Tony, not Jared. I am The Anti-Jared. Subway Jared would have taken your popsicles.

When you put cauliflower on a stick, give me a call!


Tony Posnanski

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