I have a good post lined up for later today, but I wanted to do a real quick post about the anonymous comments I have been getting recently.

I have always been hit with them. I deserve it. I am very opinionated and direct.

But something changed in me…..maybe the positive direction I am going with my blog!

My friend Lyn wrote this awesome piece a few months back. It was awesome!

A blogger finally getting back at the weak person who writes hateful personal comments!

After two years of doing this, I have learned a few things, just in case you get one of these comments:

1. There is no such thing as an anonymous comment. Most people who write these comments have emailed you before with their IP address or they are on your blogroll and they pull up your website through theirs. There is so much tracking these days it is not funny.

2. Most anonymous comments have sent you an email before that you might have not answered. Maybe they were ignored by you.

3. Most will check your blog over 20 times after they write the comment to see if you react. If you do not, they will write a more hateful comment.

4. Most are ignored. They hate to be ignored!

The comments I have been getting have been from two people.

I know who they are.

The truth is both of you are talented and I read your blogs!

You should put your names on the comments. They are funny comments.

Calling me Jared makes me poopy!
I do blog about the same things all the time!
I do want to be famous! I even have a new Polo shirt for when I get famous!

So if you want to keep on commenting, please do.

And thank you for reading my blog :):):)

Because I will keep reading your blogs :):):)

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