I have been trying to do this new thing….

Over the last two years so many bloggers have inspired me.

Yet, I am bad with commenting.

So I have been trying to write posts in the style of my favorite bloggers. Kind of like paying homage to them.

So every so often I am going to write a post in their unique style.

I will try to do a couple a month.

I have already done one in the styling of Jack Sh*t and Lyn….

And today I am doing one in the styling of Jen.

Jen is one of my favorite bloggers. I love her enthusiasm and energy. She always makes me laugh and always shows tons of pictures.

I am also inspired by the way she handles tragedy. I think she is very brave and courageous!

So this post is dedicated to you!

My Cardio Workout

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great day!

So my wife asked me the other day ‘Tony, why don’t you talk about your workout? I am sure people who read your blog would love to hear about it!”
Hmmmmmmmmmmm…..I guess I can do that.
But only because my wife asked me nicely and she is AWESOME!!!!!

This is the gym I go to. It is a small chain in Florida. They have a lot of the new machines and a ton of free weights. I try to do the free weights every time I go to the gym.


I love my cardio!!!! I use this Cybex machine! It is kind of an elliptical and kind of a stepper. There are only three of them at my gym, yet no one is ever on them. Hmmmmm……

I put it on the highest level I cover the time with my towel. I also love watching weight loss infomercials while I work out. Usually it is the P90X one, but today I got another Beachbody delight….the Brazilian Butt Lift!!!! Really, a butt lift!!!!!!!!

For the first 48 minutes of my workout I am getting in my groove. Working out to Ke$ha and Lady Gaga. Looking around and getting my sweat on!!!!!

Then the last 12 minutes are the most intense. This is where my cardio takes a different turn….

I play the same three songs in this order……

“Against All Odds” Phil Collins

I think about this picture and I think about my journey.How many years I did not think I was strong enough or brave enough? How hard it was to start. How many failed attempts I had and why this time was different. What can I do or say to let people know how worth it is to stay strong? What can people say to me to keep me strong?

“Man In The Mirror” Michael Jackson

I think about myself now. Am I different? Why did I make a change?Is it for the rest of my life or will I struggle for years to come? Strength comes from within! Everyone has it. I am no different, why did I decide to make a change? Do I make everyday a better day?

‘The Reason” Hoobastank

This is the most intense part of my workout. I take the towel off the machine and put it over my head, so no one can see my face. The only things coming from my face now is sweat and tears!
My family means so much to me. I think about them all the time. My wife has believed in me for so long and my son looks at me with the same expressions that I have! I love both with all of my heart. The song is right “I am not a perfect person”. I have been selfish for many years, eating myself to death. Everyone has a reason.

And the reason is you!

Then I hop off the machine and feel nice and sweaty!!

There is my workout. You can do it as well! think about these three things:

1. Will you beat the odds?
2. Love yourself!
3. Find “the Reason”

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