This was going to be my Sunday post but it sounded a touch angry.

So instead, I decided to post it on “Motivational Monday”!

Move, move, dance dance!
Woot, woot!

Keep you Advice

I read that making love is a great cardio workout.

I wish I would have thought about that when I was 420 pounds. When I was running around my house in my 4xl underwear I should have wobbled to my wife and said ” You ready!”

After attempting and failing to wipe myself I should have put on some Barry White and gone to my wife to say “Let’s get it on!”

While sweating profusely in a 68 degree setting, I should have whispered sweet nothings into my love’s ear.

Before I coughed up blood for no apparent reason, I should have rubbed my wife’s bottom.

After eating 14 Swanson frozen dinners, I should have thrown some rose petals by the bed and invited my lady for a divine cardio experience.

Thank you for the great advice.

I will make sure to do another great cardio workout by punching myself in the face!

Or yelling! Yelling burns calories, right?

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