While I was filling up gas the other day I saw this advertisement.
“New Year’s Resolution….Make It Or Break It?”
I will give RaceTrac some credit. For a gas station that sells Slush Puppies and Chocolate Hostess Pies, this is a pretty cool little sign.
On one side you have The Make It.
It is a pretty woman in a lab coat and glasses. She is smart. Glasses makes everyone smart! And she has a #2 pencil, ready to take the SAT’s!
She is pondering her food decisions.
She kind of looks like an angel. Sweet and innocent.
She has some healthy options in front of her. A salad, fruit, a wrap. She has a chicken sandwich, not sure if it is grilled. Then some turkey and cheese sandwich?
Yet, the bread looks like wheat, so it is healthy.
On the other side you have the break it.
It is the same woman with her hair down in red.
The background kind of looks like fire and she kind of is giving you that “I will eat what I want” look.
She kinds of resembles the devil with a naughty look.
She has some unhealthy options in front of her. She has a cheeseburger, a Snickers pie, a fried chicken sandwich, and some other pie. She looks footloose and fancy free. She will eat what she wants. Do not judge her!
I liked it! A gas station is giving you options. It has one for a clean eater, a healthy eater, a bad eater and any eater.
Believe it or not, the sign made me think for another reason.
It is the middle of February and so many people have not committed to their ‘New Year’s” Resolutions.
They feel shamed and guilty. They feel bad.
And they should not! There is a lot of time left in 2010, 2011, 2012 and so on!
Who said a resolution had to be made on New Year’s?
We have a lifetime to make our goals!
And we should all “Make It” today.

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