On your lifestyle, do you ever “cheat”?
What food do you still eat on weekends?
So do you limit yourself to chocolate once a month?

I get asked these questions all the time.

Rightfully so.

I am a weight loss success story. I have lost a good amount of weight and have kept it off for over a year now.

When I was watching the Dr. Oz 100 show yesterday, I heard numerous times from the successes:
“I mean, we all cheat on diets, right. It is part of life.”

Well, not all.

And I envy those people who do.

I do not indulge in my old ways.

I do not crave the pizza and tacos that made me enormous.
I do not try to turn my apple into an apple pie by adding fat free items to it.
I do not look for low-fat varieties of cakes.

I stick with the basics.

Throughout life I would make the same mistake. I would lose weight, get cocky, think I could eat a little more on weekends, and then binge.

I did this over and over again.

So when I made the decision to eat “clean” or “whatever you call it” I knew it was going to have to be for life.

It was not as easy as I made it out to be.

It is not like I woke up and said “I’m free!!!!”

But I also realized I could not lie to myself anymore.

I am a food addict.

As strong as I am, as much weight as I lift and as inspirational as my words are, I am addicted to food.

I know this.

No one who was over 400 pounds gets there by an extra piece of cake or lack of exercise. There is a lot of food consumed.

I rationalized this to myself so I would understand it better.

Would someone go up to a recovering alcoholic and say “I do not understand why you just can not have a glass of wine on the weekends.”?
Would someone go to a former gambler who lost everything and say “I know you lost your house and you do not gamble, but it is the Super Bowl?”

I lost everything at 420 pounds. I lost my will to live. I lost my passion.

As great as the Little Caesars commercials were, they had no idea I would consume two pizzas at dinnertime.

Two years ago I gained my life back.

I did it in a unorthodox way for most morbidly obese people.

I dug deep down and realized that I would never be able to enjoy a sliver of anything.
I would never have a vacation meal nor would I be able to splurge because it was a holiday.

Yet I have a wonderful son and beautiful wife. I have a good job and I have a great story.

People ask me for advice and of course on diets people cheat. You should be able to. a 500 calorie snack will not ruin you. You have to indulge in great food. Vacations and holidays are a part of life!

I am the weird one. The weird one that has kept over 200 pounds off.

Funny thing is as much as people put me on a pedestal because I resist trigger foods……

I am just looking up at you from a pedestal, amazed you are able to lose weight while still enjoying trigger foods.

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