Yesterday my wife was telling me about Jillian Michaels and how she was being sued because of her diet pills.

My wife, of course, wanted my opinion.

Believe it or not but Jillian has made me better.

I am starting to be much more uplifting in my posts.
I have a Facebook Fan page where I answer questions, give recipes and advice.
I have been talking a little more about my journey to people, something I never thought I would do.
Not only that, but I love doing this now. I love trying to help, something I have really dreaded for over a year.

Yet Jillian made me better because she is what is absolutely wrong with the weight loss industry. Which is someone I will not be.

Look at her, she is perfect.

She is a no-nonsense trainer who has doing it for years.
She points at you and tells you “This is yours, you can do it!”.
She makes hard core workout videos to get you in shape.
She makes you believe that this journey is built with yelling and rigorous workouts.

She also sells diet pills.
Her picture is right on the bottle.

Some give you energy, so make you less hungry……

I wish Jillian was with me at GNC a couple of years back.

Walking in, having everyone look at me.

Hmmm, I am sure he is not in here for the vitamins, HAHAHAHAHA!!!”

I wish she would have seen me go up to the “wall of diet pills”.

Seeing muscular guys and women in bikinis all over the bottles:

“Strongest formula yet!”
“As much caffeine as a cup of coffee”
“This is your time!”

I wish she knew the excitement it gave me to get the most expensive pill.

This was going to work. This was going to help me lose all the weight!

I also wish she was there when my heart would race.
When I would sweat for no reason.
I wish she was there when my doctor would not let me leave his office because my blood pressure was 220/190.
I wish she was there when I felt dizzy, because when two pills would not work, I took three, then four…….

Jillian will win this lawsuit. She is doing what so many other companies are doing.

Taking your money and making your heart race.

The truth is you do not have to take pills.
You do not have to eat 800 calories a day, nor do you have to switch your diet to fruits, vegetables and lean meats to lose weight.
You do not have to be in the gym for 5 hours a day or run 20 miles to have a rock heard body.

You have to start by making small sacrifices…..

Passing on seconds
Parking in the farthest parking space
Eat broccoli with your steak

Once you see you can do it, make more sacrifices….

Walk a mile
Skipping dessert
Having a salad instead of pasta

Then more sacrifices, and then more after that. Once you build confidence in yourself, you will realize you can do it.

There will be a day when I charm America. When my story will get out to the masses and I will be on TV.

Yet, I was overweight. I have a commitment to myself and all of you not to tell half truths. Not to say “eat organic” one second and then “take my pills” the next.

In the end, I do not think Jillian is a bad person.

I just think once you take away her spandex, pointing and yelling in front of the camera, and popularity, all you have is someone who does not understand what it is like to be “truly” overweight.

If she did, she would never put her face on pills.

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