This is the picture I took of myself last week. After two years of being on this journey, I never thought I would end up looking like this.

On my blog, I always talk about my life as an overweight 420 pound man. How hard life was, how tasks that are easy now were hour long projects.

But something cool happened to me the other day. Something I never even thought about until I took this picture.

My gym is filled with mirrors. While I was taking this picture, I saw someone to the left of me.

It made me jump.

The person I saw was me in the mirror.

I did not recognize myself.

I always hear about how people lose 50 pounds and their family and friends come up to them and say “Wow, you look great!”.

Well, people do not say that to me.

In fact, unless I explain myself to people, very few people in my past recognize me.

“Do you remember that really fat chef. Yeah, that was me!”
“Think hard, I was really, really big.”
“Okay, I was huge. Do you remember?”

Now once they realize who I am, they give me a “Holy Sh….”

For the most part, people give me weird stares.

I am the “You look familiar” guy.

See, when people lose a lot of weight, you are expected to have skin dragging on the ground.

I work hard not to.

I work hard to be invisible.

If I did not tell you I lost over 200 pounds you would never guess.

I am in shape.
I have muscles.
I run around and I do not carry a “Fat-Free” arsenal of delights in my backpack.

Yet there is a necessity to tell you about my story.

There is a necessity for all weight loss stories.

The biggest obstacle for weight loss is not what program you choose. It is not how important going to work out is nor is it how important documenting your journey is.

The biggest obstacle is truly believing you are worth it.

Well, you are. I do not know you, but I can tell you everyone deserves a success story.

Everyone deserves the satisfaction of doing what you say you are going to do.

You kids and spouse deserves. Your cats and dogs deserve it. You learn that every “healthy” decision is selfless.

You learn that life is worth living.

So when I saw that man in the mirror I talked to him. People thought I was crazy, but that happens all the time as it is.

He was right. I am worth the obstacles I have overcome. I am glad I did it, and I am glad i am able to tell you about it.

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