You have seen the television special before.

We all have

Two kids playing in the park, talking about sports and girls.
They are around 13 years old, not the coolest of kids, but not the geeks either.

All of the sudden, an older kid comes up with a leather jacket and boots on.
He is the cool kid.
He has a license.
He gets girls.
He is their idol.

He looks at the two kids.
“Hey, come here. You kids want to be cool?”
He pulls out some sort of illegal substance.
Growing up it was always marijuana, so for this story’s sake, that is what it will be.
“Hey, do you want a hit? All the COOL kids are doing it!”

One of the kids looks at him and says:

“Um, I need to go home. It is dinner time. Plus, I heard that stuff is BAD!!!!!”

He goes home and the cool kid looks irritated.

“Wow, what a square! I hope you are not like your friend kid. Don’t you want to be cool?”

“Well, I heard that Marijuana is bad. I heard it was expensive and it can make you do bad things.”

The cool kid looks shocked

“WHAT! No way! Marijuana is the coolest! All of the cool kids are doing it. plus, I am giving this one to you for FREE!!!!!”

The kid thinks about it.
He wants to be cool.
He wants the girls.
He wants to wear the leather jacket.

Plus, it is just one hit. That is all, one hit! It will not cost anything. it is free. it will not ruin his life. Wow, his friend is missing out.

Then, as you all know, he smokes the marijuana, destroys his life, ends up in jail, and loses a leg.

For some reason those videos always hit me.
I did not want to lose a leg.
I was the square.

I guess I still am.

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