The other day when I was blogging my wife was standing behind me.

“You shouldn’t write that!’
Uhh, I hate when you refer to that!”
“Maybe you should write about…”

I quickly whipped my head around.

Before I could say anything my wife gave me a “Just Sayin!” look and walked off.

I have been bloggin for close to two years now.

I am going to admit to something that I never thought I would.

I really enjoy blogging. Really enjoy The Anti-Jared!

I like putting my thoughts in writing. I love sitting down for an hour and seeing a post evolve.

Yet, for two years I have made this blog The Anti-Jared that is a part of who I am.

The Anti-Jared is no-nonsense.
He is cynical about the weight loss industry.
He lived a hard fat life and now lives a dream life.

Yet, this part of The Anti-Jared is just a part of Tony Posnanski.

I do love cooking. I love to cook healthy versions of food for my wife.
I love to give advice. Yet hate writing the same advice email after email.
I am curious about a BodyBugg and that new exercise thing that goes on the back of a door.

I also know that part of Tony Posnanski has no place on this blog. That is why I love The Anti-Jared so much!

This blog is dedicated to the tough part of weight loss.
It is where I share my emotions.
My anger and frustration.
My passion and my love.

It is a place where I show my humor and showcase pictures.

But I also want to show my other side.

This is where I made the Facebook Fan Page for the Anti-Jared.

The Facebook Fan page is where you can ask me a question on the wall and I will answer for all to see.
It is where I will put up pictures of foods I cook.
It is where I am going to start writing down what I eat and my workouts.

It is where you can give me advice and where you can say hi and I can say hi back. It is hard to respond to comments on this blog. Responding to emails gets tough from a phone. Food pictures have no place up here.

My years of being a chef will do well on this new page.

You do not have to wait to friend me or anything like that. You just press a button and there you are.

So I am going to try it out. It could flop, it could succeed. I am not sure.

But for this former 420 pound guy who lost 200 pounds and could not wipe himself, I need to try new things!

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