My blogroll is in shambles!

I have not updated it in….oh maybe a year!

I have blogs on there from people who no longer blog.
I have blogs from people who have changed their website.
I even have a blog on there that blocked me out from viewing their blog. The nerve!!!!

I am bad about updating it. Yet, I know the importance.

It is fun to pop on a blogroll and find your blog.

It is fun to look at a blogroll and see a catchy title, and read the post.

SO here is what I am going to do. Tomorrow night ( Thursday 2/11/2010) I am updating my roll!

If you have a blog and want to be on it, no prob. Just spell out your full domain name on a comment.

If you have not blogged in a few months, I am taking your site down.

Well, maybe. I mean, I can hope you will blog again.

Anyway, I am missing out on a lot of great bloggers. Give me your addys!!!!!!

And of course you can ALWAYS add me to your blogroll. I mean, I have no shame!

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