I had to be around nine years old when I was first called…..

Fat and Ugly

I remember being in school and some girl said it to me.

It hurt a little, but I did not believe it.

Well, I believed she said it.

I heard it from her mouth.
I understood the overweight part.
I had to buy pants in the adult section at Dillard’s and have my mom alter the length.

I had a problem with the ugly part.

I went home that day and looked at some old photo albums of my parents.

There were pictures of my mom as a teenager where she looked like Elizabeth Taylor and there was this one picture where my dad had a white shirt and black pants. I swear he looked exactly like James Dean.

Then the picture right next to that looked like my dad.

As a nine year old, I realized I was not ugly. There was no way I could be.

I had good looking parents and there was no way they could have made an ugly child.

I was beautiful.

People say that when you have great self-esteem, you have a realization of how great you are. I agree, but there is more to it.

Self-esteem is not only seeing the beauty in yourself but also seeing the beauty in others.

Knowing that “annoying girl” is beautiful
The “guy with the beer gut” is beautiful
Seeing that the model on the cover of Sports Illustrated is beautiful

I truly do not believe there are any “ugly” people in this world.

People who hurt others with words just were not told how beautiful they are enough.

It is weird.

Today I was on the Operation Beautiful website for the first time.

It was really cool. Except for one thing…..

Why does it have to be anonymous notes?

I am a man who has been told time and time again that I was ugly. It never bothered me.

I might not know a lot……

But there is one thing that I, Tony Posnanski, can tell you…..

You might be overweight. That can be worked on.

You are definitely not ugly.

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