I did something today that I have never done.

I started to read some of my old posts.

It is funny. I started a blog two years ago because my brother had one. He is a sports writer for Sports Illustrated and has been my idol since I can remember. He has a blog and I thought it would be cool to copy him since that is what most little brothers do. When I started it, I did not know that so many people wrote weight loss blogs.

I have been doing this for close to two years, and I saw the evolution of my writing.

I also never thought so many people would follow me.

I got to the post I wrote last year called “I Hate Bicycles”.

I wrote this post and never explained why I wrote it. I should have because it had very little to do with weight loss.

2009 was a great year for me. My son was born!!!

There were also some challenges.

The biggest challenge was my job at Buca.

I was recently promoted as the Managing Partner.
I was with the company for six years.
I was a stand out employee in Florida.

They were also struggling.
They also got bought out during a rough economic time.
They also wanted different leaders.

My boss would come in often and tell me that my management style needed to change. That I needed to be more demanding. That I needed to be feared by my staff.

He also told me I was not a very good leader. Something I did not believe.

The same day he said that FOX Orlando called me.

They were interested in doing a story on me for television. It would have changed my life.

They asked me if I lost weight with the P90X or Nutrisystem. I told them the way I lost weight and they kept on going.

“Yeah, but pills. Are you taking any pills?”

I was already in a bad mood. That is when I told the producer in a “not so nice way” that i was not interested.

I was irritated that day, but I was also happy to come home to my son and wife. So I just wrote a post that only I would know the meaning of. A way to blow off steam.

A good amount of time has passed since I wrote that post.

I left Buca because I knew I was a good leader.

I knew I did not need to change my management style. I knew I inspired people not only with weight loss, but life in general.

I do not regret being rejected by FOX Orlando. It might have changed my life, but it would have ruined others.

There are enough “pill pushers” and “gimmick” weight loss personalities out there.

I do not need to be one.

My story is fine just the way it is.

I have lost enough weight and have enough confidence to tell you that there is no perfect way to lose weight, but if you keep on a good program, it will come off.

The reason I am writing this today is on that post I wrote I put in there that people can not change.

It outraged some and angered others.

And I was wrong.

People can change.
People can go from being a 420 pound person who only cares about himself to losing weight, and helping so many others.
People can go from being a chef to becoming a leader. A true leader.
People can go from being a good husband to becoming a great family man.

So I am here to apologize.

People can change.

I am living proof.

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