Two years ago today, I went to Weight Watchers.

I walked in at 12pm
(I did not realize you had to go to a meeting first),

I went to the receptionist (I did not know there was a leader) and I said:

“Will that scale be able to tell me how much I weigh?”

The scale is a funny thing.

On one hand it is an incredibly important tool in weight loss. I do not think I would have as much “weight loss cred” if I did not lose over 200 pounds.

On the other hand, the scale will break your confidence and self esteem.

Think about it. How many times have you had a great week only to gain a pound?

You scramble. Everything you have done is thrown out the window. You look for other options…

Hmmmmm, I need to lose weight. Wait, there is an exercise workout video from Brazil. That must mean it is high impact! Maybe I am not drinking enough water. Maybe I just plain suck!!!!”

Or how about those weeks where you have a few cocktails at the bar.

The Pizza buffet was fantastic and you ate more birthday cake than you should have.

All of the sudden you lose 2 pounds….

“How did I lose two pounds? Who cares, I lost two pounds!! I can do this all of the time. Maybe I should write a book!!”

Growing up I had a scale in my kitchen.

Every time I would eat a meal I would hop on the scale.

I would weigh myself over 20 times a day. It was an obsession.

Now I have not weighed myself in some time. The last time I was on the scale was a month ago and I was 204.

Although my pants and shirts still fit, I have gained muscle. So I am curious how much I weigh today….

But my curiosity will have to weight….pun intended, oh yeah!!!!

Because today I am starting something new. For the next 20 weeks I am not going to even think about the scale.

This is my “Week One” picture. I see some things I can work on, yet in my opinion, it is the best picture I have ever taken.

Well, that is until “Week Two”

Every week I am going to post a new picture.

On my Facebook Page* I am going to start talking more about my different workouts and what I eat.

*I know I talk about my Facebook page a lot, but I suggest that everyone makes one. It is so easy to update and talk to people. A blog is a great place to put your thoughts, but this Facebook thing gets you more personal with people. I will be your friend on yours!

Also during this “20 Week Scale-less Journey” I am going to get more in depth about why I do the things I do.

A lot of times it seems like I come from left field, but there is a reason I say or do the things I do.

Being my two year weighlossaversary I have a lot to say this week. My highs and my lows.

And I thank everyone for sticking with me through both!

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