My friend Tom asked me what kind of music do I exercise to.
Well, here it goes:

Favorite Cardio Tunes-

“Love Me or Hate Me”- Lady Sovereign
“Toxic”-Britney Spears
“I Can’t Wait”- Nu Shooz
“Circus”- Britney Spears
TiK ToK“- Ke$ha
“Sexy B*tch“- David Guetta featuring Akon
“Sandstorm”- Darude
“Hard (Featuring Jeezy)- Rihanna
Nachna Onda Nei“- Tigerstyle

Favorite Free Weight Tunes-

“One”- Metallica
“Enter Sandman”- Metallica
“For Whom the Bell Tolls”- Metallica
“Addicted”- Saving Abel
Alwayz Into Somethin‘”- N.W.A.
Gasolina“- Daddy Yankee
“Going Back to Cali”- The Notorious B.I.G.
“In da Club”- 50 Cent

Songs that make me cry-

“Against All Odds”- Phil Collins
“Man In the Mirror”- Michael Jackson
“Tiny Dancer”- Elton John
“The Reason”- Hoobastank
“Seventeen”- Winger

Song that makes me think of my son every time I hear it:

“Fireflies”- Owl City

Song that does not make me think of my son:

“Party Like a Rock Star”- Shop Boyz

Guilty Pleasures:

“Upside Down”- Diana Ross
“Wait”- The Ying Yang Twins
Anything by anyone from New Edition (Bobby Brown, Bell Bive Devoe, Johnny Gill, etc.)

Favorite Song of all time

“Walking in Memphis”- Marc Cohn

The song my wife and I danced to first:

“Baby got Back”- Sir Mix-A-Lot

The real song my wife and I danced to first:

“A Moment Like This”- Kelly Clarkson

All of these songs are on my iPhone. I have listened to every one of them at the gym.

Got any other ideas?

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