I was cooking food for my wife sometime in the afternoon yesterday when she came up to me and said:

“Who pissed in your Corn Flakes today?”

At first I was very nervous.

To think that someone urinated into my breakfast cereal.
Why would someone do that and how did they get into my house?
Plus, isn’t that against the law?

Then after realizing that I do not even eat Corn Flakes, I came to the conclusion that my wife was asking me why I was in a bad mood.

Bad mood? Me?

“What are you talking about dear?”

I read your blog today. Someone made you mad.”

I thought about it for a little bit and realized that no one made me mad.

It was just something that was on my mind.

We started talking about bloggers.

See, she does not read weight loss blogs like I do…..

Wait a second?

I bet you do not think I read weight loss blogs as well. I mean, I rarely comment.

Well, let me tell you about some of the ones that I read:

You have Mizfit who has a 25 year old son nicknamed “Blizzard” who blogs, yet NEVER does any giveaway posts 🙁 I wish she would.

You have Brandi, who graduated from The University of Kansas (Go JAYHAWKS!) who has a little Chihuahua named “Peaches”

You have Jack….well, I just started reading him a couple of days ago. Not bad, just a little negative.

You have Angie from the Fabulous Fatties who NEVER lets her partner Shannon blog. Poor Shan 🙁

You have Carlos who is just the most “glass half full” guy you will ever meet.

You have Roni who is so excited about working with Jack on Sh*tbloggin. I heard that B**ly W**t*u*z is going to be the guest speaker.

You have Hilary who just sticks to her Turtle Progress blog.

You have Jen who just talks about her huge Black Lab named “Chomp”. By the way Jen, you should think about putting more pictures on your blog.

You have Fat Daddy who LOVES flying and Diana who absolutely hates to fly.

You have Mary who, and I am so happy for her, went to this foreign land to find her new boyfriend!

You have TJ who hates cooking (She ALWAYS eats out)

You have Sean who drove his friend’s Chevy Chevette (His dream, hatchback and all). By the way Sean, you should be a little more descriptive in your titles.

You have this guy who lost a lot of weight (Not sure how much because I do not understand the metric system, I think it is like 80 stones which is 5,454,987 pounds). His favorite football jersey is that of Gary Hogeboom.

There are so many more I read.

I hate when people tell me I do not know my peers!

Later in the day, my wife asked me how I would describe myself:

“Well, I am a positive blogger who loves everyone! In fact, I used to get over 50 comments a blog. I am so confused what i could have done to not get as many comments?”

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