” We are going to talk about this.”

I remember those words from my wife in October of 2007. My wife has been trying to talk to me about adoption for the last year, yet I avoided it.
I have always loved children and wanted one. My wife and I did not believe we could have one on our own. Adoption was a great option.
Yet, I knew I would have to lose weight. I did not want to. I enjoyed eating what I did. I did not want to put forth effort into eating right or moving a little. It made no sense to me.

” Let’s talk about adoption.”

It was not going to be easy. We were thinking about adopting a child from China. My wife was going to fly there without me. It angered me, but I understood. I was over 400 pounds. They were not going to consider us if I went. I would not even fit on a seat. But children has always been important to us.

“You need to get healthy.”

I knew I needed to lose weight. I just did not want to. I was selfish. I cared about myself.

The truth is I did not live. I survived. If there was a fire in my house I would die. if someone broke in, there was nothing I could do about it. Yet, it did not matter to me. Food was always shoveled in my mouth. I made excuses. I would convince myself something was healthy, yet my pants would get bigger.

The funny thing is two months later the doctor told us we could have a child on our own. Once I heard that, something snapped in me. Fast food did not seem so appetizing. Walking seemed more important.

I had to lose weight.

Before I started on my journey, I went to the doctor. At the time, I was taking two heart medications, Lipitor for my cholesterol. I had an inhaler and I took Advair for my breathing.

My doctor told me I would die soon. He has seen me kill myself over the last three years. He was upset. I do not blame him, he had every right to be.

Two years ago I started my journey. For the first time, it was not about me. It was about my wife. It was about my family.

I went to Weight Watchers, yet never counted points. I do not blame WW for not acknowledging me. In fact, my eating is nothing like WW.

I worked out. Never had a trainer or a spotter. Never worked out with anyone else.

I lost over 200 pounds. I have kept off the weight for a year now. I have done something that most people do not believe.

Most people can not believe that I do not take any more medications.

Most people do not believe that I work out twice a day.

Most people do not believe that I will keep the weight off.

I believed it. My wife believes it. My son believes it.

People say I am lucky.
I am fortunate.
I am strong.

I do not agree.

I am different.

I look at my son while I am writing this and wondering how anyone can live a unhealthy life with children.

I look at the trainers at my gym and wonder how someone can rely on another to help them lose weight. Some people do not agree. I could care less. I practice everything I preach.

I am writing this on MLK day, a man who not only had beautiful words but made the world a better place.

My words are not always beautiful, but I look at my home, and I have made it a beautiful place.

And don’t you dare tell me you can not do this on your own. You are talking to the wrong person.

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