I have never ever ever not liked being good at something.

I am bad at Twitter.

I am not a good Tweeter.

And for some incredibly weird reason it bothers me.

I hate being bad at things.

Some I can except, like singing or dancing.

But I know that I have the chops to be a great Tweeter. It just takes some time and work.

Being a great Tweeter takes a lot of skill. You have to be able to put a lot of information into 140 characters.

You have to be online often. You have to be able to Re-Tweet things without being annoying and you have to be able to put up interesting links.

You can not do direct messages because they are too personal. You can not follow everyone. You can not lock your account to be a great Tweeter*.

*By the way, here is my “Power” list of the top 10 Tweeters I follow, based on tweeting Skill:

10. @CaitlinHTP
9. @Totally_Toni
8. @priorfatgirl
7. @MrsFatass
6. @FabFattieShan
5. @YumYucky
4. @kwidrick
3. @bwjen
2. @iamsucceeding
1. @Mizfitonline

Sorry @PastaQueen, @JackSht, @RonisWeigh and @DietGirl. Although you are great writers, you do not Re-tweet enough to get on the list.

Anyway, I have been on Twitter a lot. Tweeting, re-Tweeting, asking @bookieboo to be a #Mamavision Mom.

Then, I got the tweet that made me realize Twitter was not for me.

Why weight loss tweeting is a woman’s game and a guy can just hang out!

@SheditAndGetit Due to lack of wedding shows, watching “Knocked Up.” Question of the night, would you let Seth Rogen hit it raw? Consider recent weight loss

See, I follow weight loss bloggers.
This is a weight loss blogger.
Yet, I think that she is asking me. That I really need to reply.

Believe it or not, but I would say no.

I considered the recent weight loss, but then I realized that I fancy the females.

Yet, I could not let this Tweeter down! So I asked my wife the question……

Poor Judgement comments I have asked over the last 10 years:
2002- “Why do I need to say I love you. Like you do not know!”
2005- “You do not understand. I really really work hard! Like more than you!”
2007- “It is our anniversary, stop making a production!”
2008- “Your dog pooped on the floor, you clean it!”
2009- Anything of a sexual nature with raw in it.

My wife stopped what she was doing to calmly say to me “Why the f*ck would you ask me a disgusting question like that.”

It is true. When a guy says raw under any circumstances it is gross. Like I am the creepy 60 year old at the club just looking wearing cut-off denim shorts.

I told her that I was trying to be a better tweeter and help out a poll question.

Again, she asked, ever so sweet “Who asked that!!!”

I told her it was a blogger who was a personal trainer who liked the treadmill and tequila equally.

Since my wife ignored me after that, I had to reply that I would have to pass on Seth Rogen.

She then sent a Tweet that said it was a overwhelming yes that Seth would be the man.

This is why I will never be a great tweeter.

Oh well, I am one zesty Facebooker!

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