It seems like a ton of weight loss bloggers are writing about the Taco Bell diet.

Since I am not popular enough to be different I decided to do the same!

I mean, my name is The Anti-Jared. I wrote my blog on the premise that i could not lose 200 pounds by eating fast food subs. Of course I am going to jump on the bandwagon!

So I read Christine’s story AKA “The Taco-Bell Diet.

Honestly, out of every corporate “diet” story I have read, I like this the most.

It makes sense. A woman lost like fifty pounds by making smart choices. She likes Taco Bell, so she make better choices at the restaurant.

What is wrong with that?

They are not saying the Burrito Supreme will help you lose weight. They are not saying that the shell of the Taco Salad is full of fiber.

They are saying they have a healthier option menu and if you choose to eat at Taco bell, they have something for an average dieter.

In fact, I applaud Taco Bell. Weight loss is about choices. Christine did not lose “Jared” type weight so it appeals to the masses.

Taco Bell is not saying “Eat my food, it is so much healthier than every other restaurant”.

Kind of like Subway does.”


I have a problem with Taco Bell and their false advertising!

I have a HUGE problem with them.

Did you see this commercial. I call it the “$.89 cents, is it cool?” commercial?

Did you see the two really pretty “Danica Patrick” polite girls behind the counter that smiled and did anything for the customer?

Yeah right! Seriously!

See, I am a food addict. Every food addict has their “fast food of choice”.

I would eat anything, but I loved Taco Bell.

Well, I loved Taco Bell food.

Yet, I dealt with the rudest employees of all time there.


Every time I went they were rude to me.

Uhhh, the Meximelt is not on the menu anymore!”
“You really need more time to order?”
“We carry Pepsi products, not Coke!”
” You really want three 7 Layer Burritos?”

They would always forget to put Guacamole on my Chalupa.
They would never give me enough sauce.
They always made me park in a “designated parking space” while they finished my order.

In fact, I have never had a great experience there.

The worst time was when I ordered food and they forgot a “7 Layer Burrito” which was my favorite.

I went through the drive thru again (I was not walking in) and spoke to the employee, who was named “Cookie”.

“Hey, you forgot my burrito.”

She looked at me and said:

“Damn, you really needed it?”

Now that I think about it, I did order about $25 worth of food for myself at 1am.

At the time, I was very upset. I just left.

Yet, as rude as she was, I still came back.

It has been two years since I have been to a Taco Bell.

I can say with a passion that I will never go again.

Even if they have a egg apple cauliflower burrito in a cabbage leaf!

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