I expected the gym to be packed today, yet I was surprised.

I went around 10am, and I saw a couple of new faces, but for the most part, it was the same people running around.

Not a ton of new faces!

I love seeing new people at the gym. I am always curious about their motivation for going…

Do they want to get their old high school body?
Do they want to run a 5K?
Do they want to get healthy?
Did their loved one tell them they needed to drop a couple of pounds?
Did they just watch the Biggest loser and get inspired?
Is their a dress they always wanted to wear?

While I was on my favorite cardio machine today, I had a lot of thoughts….

There was someone on the treadmill in front of me that I have never seen before. He was overweight, and was walking slow. Just like someone I knew two years ago.
I wondered if he was going to keep coming back to the gym. If 2010 was going to be his year. If he was going to inspire others.

I saw a woman who I have never seen before, wearing all Nike. She was in really good shape, yet she was walking slow on the treadmill as well. I wondered if she was trying to get her mojo back.

I thought about my journey. It is so weird now. So many people told me that i was not going to lose all of the weight. That whatever I lost I would gain back. I do not like proving people wrong, I love proving myself right.

I thought about my blog. How much it has changed over the last two years. how no one knows what I am going to write next, which includes me.

I thought about how I am skinny in my dreams. That has only happened over the last year.

I thought about a papaya I just bought and how disgusting it was. It was the first fruit I ever bought that I hated.

After my workout, I did something that I have not done since I was over 400 pounds.

It was pouring in Orlando today. When I left the gym, I walked to my car.

Not run or jog, but walked.

Did you know I do not ever use an umbrella nor do I run in the rain?

It is true. I could not run and I could not fit under an umbrella at 400 pounds.

It rarely rains all day in Orlando, so I never thought about it.

For some reason, getting wet now does not bother me.

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