Someone asked me a question on my blog a few weeks ago.

She asked what I thought now when I see an obese person.

I did not understand the question.

Let me rephrase that.

I understood what she was asking. I know what I am supposed to say.

I am supposed to say

“I think that person should realize how much they have to live for and they can do it and there are so many programs to help, etc.”

I just do not understand what is an obese person.

At 420 pounds I was always referred to as Chris Farley, an “obese” comedian who was charming yet overweight.

Chris Farley’s highest weight was 296 pounds.

When I was 296 pounds last year I did something that most people will never accomplish, I lost 120 pounds.

I was proudly wearing size 46 pants and a 3xl shirt. I was going to the gym six days a week and I was already eating “clean”.

I would special order food at restaurants and I was beginning my blog.

Was I still obese?

At 320 pounds I went on the Weight Watchers forum boards and bragged to the world that I lost 100 pounds. So many “obese” people told me it meant nothing until I lost all of my weight.

Was I still obese?

At 270 pounds I was telling someone about my weight loss. How I lost 150 pounds and I was proud.

He put his hand on my belly and said “you still have some to go buddy.”

Was I obese?

When I hit 200 pounds I lost 220 pounds.

I wore size 32 pants and medium shirts. I did something that no one believed I could do.

At the same time, Oprah was talking about how ashamed she was at being 200 pounds.

Was I obese?

The truth is I have not weighed myself in close to six months. I still fit into my 32 pants and medium shirt.

I could weigh 194 or I could weigh 211.

I still work out six to seven days a week.

I power lift, I do the elliptical, and I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

So when I see an “obese” person I do not think about it. I never have.

I have no idea where they are in their journey. I hope they are happy and know that anything is possible.

Funny story, today I woke up at 5am to feed the baby.

After that feeding, I had a dilemma.

I was exhausted, yet knew that if I did not go the gym at 5:30am, I would not be able to go today because I was parenting.

I could have gone back to sleep, but just like every day at 5:30am for the past two years when faced with that same dilemma, I decided to go the gym.

You know why?

Because no one will ever call me obese again.

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