No matter how much I tease or joke about it, I am and always will be a Weight Watchers member.

As much as I try to ignore it, it will also always bother me that Weight Watchers has not acknowledged my 200 pound weight loss over two years.

The other day at work there was a table that wanted to see a manager.

Since I was the one with the spiffy polo on, I went to the table.

There was a young couple sitting down. The woman looked at me and asked if I was the manager.

I was a little offended that she had to ask since I was wearing a spiffy polo, but I did say yes.

She then asked if we had nutritional information on the food because she just started Weight Watchers.

Now, as much as I blog and talk about dieting on here, I usually hate talking about weight loss. I do not tell people I lost a lot of weight or give pointers. I find that to be condescending at times.

Yet, I saw a fear in her. The same fear I had two years ago when I joined. How all food was out to get me. Like I was going to fail.

See, she was maybe 20 pounds overweight if that, but I knew she felt heavier than that. She was very pretty, yet by the way she was sitting she did not feel pretty. Her boyfriend tried to sit close to her. I could tell he tells her how pretty she is all the time, yet she does not want to hear it.

I looked at her and asked “Well, what can I help you with?”

She looked puzzled. “Um, I just told you. The nutritional information please.”

Now we do have nutritional information in the office at my restaurant.

But for once, I wanted to go above and beyond for a fellow member.

“I am guessing you get about 22 points a day, right?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Okay, how many points did you use today?”

“13 so far.”

“Okay, so you have 9 points to give. I can think of a few options that are really good and you do not have to go into your weekly 35 points as well. The best option is going to be Salmon. It is my favorite. You can have it with a side of black beans and vegetables, or just load up on vegetables. I can make them without butter, but put a real nice seasoning on them. We do also have wheat buns if you wanted a grilled chicken sandwich. Just use half of the bun and get a larger breast of chicken, grilled.
I can make sure your meal is under 9 points. That way, just in case you get hungry tonight, you can have a snack. I like air popped popcorn. Also, make sure you get a pedometer. It sounds silly, but it is a huge motivator to see how many steps you walk in a day. Working out is important as well, but the best part about Weight Watchers is the choices you make. It really does work.”

It is funny. At 420 pounds I looked like I did not belong at Weight Watchers. Now, after losing over 200 pounds, I still look like I do not belong at Weight Watchers.

I am also really good at advice, yet I do not give it often.

I really like to help people, yet I have strayed away from it. Maybe because I see so many weight loss ads that either have women dancing or start off with “I stole the cookie from the cookie jar!”

Maybe it is because the most inspirational weight loss ad is for “The Lapband“, or how sick I am of a new appetite suppressant.

Sometimes I look a part of our society who says they want to lose weight yet do not put so much effort into it. They want the easy way out. I get cynical.

Believe it or not, it is a very small percentage.

I need to look more at the main part of our “weight loss” society. The ones who want it. The ones who care. Those are the people I need to focus on. Not keep it all bottled up.

Like the people who read my blog.

After I said all of this she looked at me astounded.

“Is your wife on Weight Watchers or something?”

I pulled out my key chain and said:

“I am. See, here is my WW key chain I got for losing 10% of my weight.”

She looked at it and said:

“Cool. Why do you have two 10% key chains?”

I smiled and said “They did not know what to give me after losing 200 pounds.”

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