Me Megainspirationalicious BOYYYYYY!
By T.L. Posnanski

Me not smart
Me love grape
Me understand
How to lose weight!
Me workout
At a gyms!
Me no play video games
Like Madden or Sims
Me not understand Fat
Me not understand Carb
Me weigh in every week
By a woman named Barb
Me not understand Muscle Confusion
Me thinky P90X is just an illusion
Me not understand BMI
Me thinks the cookie diet is a big lie
Me thinks Kirstie Alley is kind o smelly
Yet, me kind o like Valerie Bertinelli
Me is married, me not live in sin
Me not as inspiring as Jared Fogle or Erik Chopin
Me know one thing, the bald man from the south
You will lose weight if you put less food in your mouth

January seems to be the month where the smartest weight loss people come out.

Beautiful women in business suits and guys in workout clothes talk about the science of working out and losing weight.

They use big words and talk about all the newest scientific principles of weight loss. All the new studies and what items to buy to help you in the fight. All to make us feel stupid, like we should have lost weight with all this knowledge that we have heard for years.

Well, I am not very smart. I wear a hoodie all the time and yesterday at work I got yelled at because there was not enough “butter” on a woman’s quesadilla.

I also lost over 200 pounds. It is not about how smart you are.

100% effort.

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