I love reading weight loss blogs.

I have learned a lot by reading them.

I have learned the biggest offender of gaining weight.

See, when I was overweight, I thought I gained weight because of McDonald’s, Taco Bell, chocolate and poor eating habits.

I was wrong.

I thought I gained weight because I was not active or I ate close to 10,000 calories a day.

I was wrong.

See, I have read how some people have gained 3 pounds one week, or they did not lose as much weight as they would have liked.

They write this on their blog that they are confused why? Sure, it may be because they ate “A one point apple” that was the size of an NBA basketball.

Maybe they ate “A tiny piece of cake” that would fill up a hippopotamus.

Maybe they “Were incredibly active” by playing 4 minutes on the Wii Fit.

But those are not good answers.

There is still some confusion as to why there was a weight gain.

And all the lovely bloggers out there run to leave the most inspirational comment:

“Oh, it is probably the amount of sodium you had!”


Not the decisions, but salt

To lose weight you have to be honest.

To lose weight you have to not make excuses.

To lose weight, dedication is important, but even more important is making sacrifices.

There is a gym by my house that is no money down and ten bucks a month without a contract.
There are nine million free weight loss websites to help motivate people.
95% of food has nutritional information on it.
You Tube has tons of workout videos.
Libraries have diet and fitness books.

You can cry and whine and tell yourself life is not fair. Guess what, you are right.

You can say the economy sucks. Guess what, it does.

But before you blame salt or lack of water for your weight gain.

See, losing weight is not hard. It is not hard once you realize you can do it. Once you realize that it is okay to make a bad decision, just not fooling yourself that it was a good one.

Be honest, look at your decisions from the past week.

And go from there.

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