Once you get your inspiration, never let it go!

“I can wipe my ass, all by myself!”

-After using the potty 5/3/2008

“Believe it or not, I have a penis. Yes, I have seen it!”

– Casual conversation 7/1/2008

“I do not care if you are getting Chinese Food, I told you I am fine!”

-Family get together 10/1/2008

“When did they start making booths so much bigger?”

-Romantic dinner at Golden Corral 9/4/2008

“Excuse me while I, ahem, TIE MY SHOES!”

-Talking to my wife while noticing my shoe was untied 12/5/2008

“Do not worry about how fast I lost the weight, I will keep it off.”

– Talking to a WW PR Representative about my weight loss, 11/5/2008

“He is beautiful!”

-Looking at my newborn baby 6/25/2009

“I will clean the poop off the floor.”

-Realizing my back did not hurt and was able to clean poop off the floor 6/4/2008

“I would get the XL, but it will be way too big on me.”

– Looking at hoodies and smiling because a year earlier I was wearing 5xl shirts 3/1/2009

“Let’s do it again!!!!”

-Going through a turnstile for the first time 1/16/2010

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