So there I was the other day at work, cleaning vomit in the public bathroom

Cleaning vomit is an art.

First off you have to be able to handle the smell.
You have to make sure you have plenty of paper towels.
You have to have gloves.
You have to make sure you have a “Wet Floor” sign.

While cleaning the vomit, my mind started to wonder….

You know, Steve’s comment on my blog a couple of weeks ago made me wonder. He wrote

It’s really semantics isn’t it? If someone feels like saying day off instead of eating off plan, does it matter? I agree, you don’t get time off if it is a lifestyle, but I think it is just words in some cases.

He wrote this based on my opinion that I did not like when dieters say they are “taking a day off” from eating right.

It bothered me because Steve is someone who motivates people with his words. He has a word of the week, he is a “motivational” speaker. He does popular challenges, and he writes with meaning every time he posts.

Yet, after thinking about it for a while, I agreed with him. It is just words.

For the longest time, I felt like the world owed me something for losing my weight. I felt like every news media outlet should be at my house. I should have a talk show. I should be on “The Today Show”.

It drove my writing. I would write what you wanted to hear. I got an interview with CNN and AOL. I was in numerous blogs. I did have a chance to be on local TV.

I had a chance to be in Weight Watchers Magazine*.

*Just so you know, the only reason I was not in the magazine is because in order to be acknowledged, you must an average of 2 pounds a week (Legal reasons).
I lost over 200 pounds in a year, an average of close to four pounds a week. I have maintained it for over a year. So in two years I have lost and kept off 200 pounds, which is a two pound average. I have spoken to WW PR people before.
Yet, I have not called their PR department, nor do I now have the desire to.

I live in a world where so many people struggle with their weight. Truly struggle. I see people who want it so bad, and they will do anything to get it off.

They will get surgery because the Lapband commercial is motivating. They will buy energy pills because Jillian Michaels is on the bottle.
Maybe they will buy “The Beck’s Diet Solution” because so many bloggers are talking about it. Maybe they will join Weight Watchers, because so many others have.

I want to help so many people, but how?
Tell you to do the things you have heard for years?
After losing 200 pounds, maybe I am a fool or a genius for saying this, but I still have no idea how to lose weight.
I know I made sacrifices, sure. I know I work out.
But losing weight does not make you a nutritionist. Does drinking water make you lose weight? Well, it is better than drinking Coke.
Does working out help you lose weight? Well, burning 600 calories means nothing if you eat a 1500 calorie meal right after.
I am humbled. I am not cocky. What I write is just words. Some will motivate, some will anger.
Both are fine by me because this is my blog.

For over 30 years, I have lived a fat life. I was called Tony Cannelloni because I would eat raw cannellonis as a chef at Buca di Beppo because I was hungry.
I am no longer fat. I have not been called fat in over two years.
I have strayed away from putting my story out over the last couple of months. I turned down a AOL story. I have passed on being sponsored. I have lied to Progresso Soup about writing a review. Instead, I took all the soup I had in my house and donated them to the “Haiti Relief” drive at my gym.
I can’t do it yet. Trust me, I want to be the guy with all the answers, but I have a responsibility… myself. I have to look in the mirror every day and into my son’s eyes. I can not tell you I support items because they throw prizes at me. I have come to far for that. I will not turn back.
I do not know what the future holds for me. I do know that I did not lose weight the way you did. I know we all make sacrifices. I know that we are all different, yet, we are all the same.
I have always felt different, yet I am just like you.
So here I am, a guy who changed his life, lost over 200 pounds, cleaning vomit in a public bathroom who still knows just as much about weight loss as when he started two years ago.

When I finished cleaning the vomit, the bathroom looked good. I was kind of impressed.

I was leaving the bathroom when my boss came up to me.

“Hey, where were you? Please do not tell me you were cleaning up the bathroom. You can’t do that. Get a dishwasher or someone to do that next time. I need your help.”

I understood what he said except for that word can’t.

I really never understood that word.

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